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Santorio Foundation pools philanthropic resources to support innovative tools and technology platforms to accelerate research and development in Personalised Health. We believe that sustainable impact will be achieved by cross-disciplinary scientific and philanthropic collaboration.

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Better tools for better science

Innovative tools and technology platforms will be key to fully unlock the potential of Personalised Health.

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Philanthrophic co-impact

Pooling resources, know-how and networks are essential to achieve sustainable impact.

About Santorio

When talking to our clinical project partners at Seerave Foundation, we often hear the comments “It would be great to have more reliable input data or it would be great to measure these parameters in our patients, but we simply don’t have the tools to accomplish this".

We believe that such tools and technology platforms are an essential prerequisite to achieving the goal of evidence-based Personalised Health and that these tools need to be available to all scientists and clinicians in an open, transparent and affordable manner.

This is why we have started Santorio Foundation to help develop such tools. We also believe this can best be achieved by pooling ideas, talents, and resources. I thereby extend an open invitation to other philanthropists to join us and increase the impact of our new undertaking.

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