Why co-impact?

Together we can break boundaries

  • Enable significant impact

    Through pooling resources and expertise, we can drive results at scale.

  • Connecting networks

    Building a community of visionary philanthropists and foundations from diverse fields to enhance impact.

  • Simple administration

    One point of contact for contractual work. Participation through dedicated project boards. Overheads are covered by Seerave Foundation.

Co-impact models

Together we will establish the model that best fits your philanthropic philosophy

Santorio co-impactor

Independent co-impactor

Co-impact model

Join our pooled Swiss foundation fund for any project or grant with a straightforward donation agreement, while contractual details towards grantees are handled by Santorio Foundation.

Directly support any of the project grantees without any formalities between you and Santorio Foundation.


Dedicated joint project stewardship depending on your preference with tailor-made reporting.

Independent project stewardship with close interactions to create synergies.


Shared visibility or anonymous donation,
you decide.

Visibility as an independent co-impactor to increase the project's reach, you decide.


Covered by Seerave Foundation.

Covered by your organisation.

Elisabeth Rees

Vice President, Santorio Foundation

Elisabeth Rees
Co-impact with us

Contact Elisabeth to learn more and become a co-impactor.