Our projects' DNA

Open tools and technology platforms at the convergence of multiple disciplines

We accelerate the development of tools and technology platforms by merging ideas, talents, and resources from widely diverse fields of science, engineering and philanthropy. These tools and technology platforms will lead to better and more precise health data, enabling clinical development in Personalised Health. Whenever possible, our projects are built upon a non-profit and open science framework.

AI For Nutrition

AI-assisted food tracking to revolutionise nutritional research

Santorio Foundation supports the AI For Nutrition project developed and coordinated by the Digital Epidemiology Lab at the Swiss Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL). The project aims at establishing an open and transparent digital platform for the acquisition of accurate nutritional data in research settings.

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Potential future projects

We're always exploring new areas requiring better data

  • Continuous inflammation monitoring

    for better immune system data

  • Smart toilet for stool collection and analysis

    for better microbiome data

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