Introducing the AI for Nutrition project

The solution

Introducing the AI for Nutrition project

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See how digital diet logging will revolutionize nutritional science.




Early stage clinical trials have been established in Switzerland.

  • Ongoing trials

    3 ongoing. 2 in the pipeline

  • App usage

    Used by study participants daily

  • Bar code database

    40k+ products (

  • Image recognition algorithm

    Trained on 50k+ images

Our progress

Achieved milestones

10 Nov


Second MyFoodRepo mobile app launch

20 Nov


Onboarding of new partner John Doe

2 March


First MyFoodRepo AI Benchmark

5 June


Second MyFoodRepo AI Benchmark

Project goals

The future

Project goals

Set milestones for 2020 — 2023.

  • Improve accuracy

    Steady development of the MyFoodRepo AI Benchmark for best possible food image recognition.

  • Enhance ease-of-use

    Further development of the mobile application to provide a user-friendly experience.

  • Scale up internationally

    Establish MyFoodRepo in at least 6 new geographies.

  • Reach self-sustainability

    Ensure MyFoodRepo will become a non-profit service platform able to sustain itself.

The team

Involved grantees

The Santorio Foundation is a pooled non-profit Swiss foundation fund hosted by the umbrella foundation Fondations des Fondateurs.

How can you help create impact?


How can you help create impact?

With more resources, AI For Nutrition can be accelerated in different ways:

  • Roll out into new countries
  • Rolling out for specific clinical trials
  • Improve the digital infrastructure
  • Improve user friendlyness
  • Improve AI algorithms
Exploration phase
Theoretical feasibility
Prototyping / PoC
Scaling and implementation
Self sustainability
AI for nutrition
is currently on this stage

More information

Links and documentation

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Santorio Project Steward

Sandra Sulser, PhD

Senior Scientific Project Manager,
Seerave Foundation

Sandra Sulser, PhD
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